What I’ve been doing this week

Knee-deep in a bit of costume-making!

This year, my 4th grader is a part of the school’s production of Aladdin Jr. His music teacher, and the director of the show, approached me early on to see if I could help with some of the costumes. Of course! Sewing and costumes are kinda my thing. Well, Halloween costumes anyways. We had a discussion about what the villagers and main characters would be wearing and then I set to work.

Everything was very basic and somewhat easy to create. The only issue I had was finding enough time to do it. Isn’t that always the way?

A look at my handiwork all piled up, 33 costumes in all:


Those felt piles are the tunics for the townspeople, guardsmen, and narrators. You can see what it looks like here:


They were made from craft-felt (which I got for 2.99/yd) and poly satin for the sash (1.99/yd), both textiles coming from JoAnn’s.

You can see how they look on here:


Then I worked on two main characters, Aladdin and Genie:


Aladdin was simply a vest, drawstring pants, and a red satin sash.


Genie’s was even easier, with a pair of purple-y blue drawstring pants, a red satin sash, and gold wrist cuffs.

Aladdin’s vest is where I had my most challenge. I was initially just going to make it out of felt, one layer, no big deal. But I had it in my head that it would look nice if it was lined. (I watch a lot of Project Runway!) I tried it once and sewed around the armholes. Mistake! No way to turn it rightside out. Next, I tried to leave the armholes un-sewn to the lining and that was a joke too. I finally got my head out of my butt and looked online for directions.

I came across this blogpost and it helped IMMENSELY! (Ignore the faux fur and check out the process!)

Just look at my lovely LINED vest:


All in all, it was a positive experience. It took me the better part of the week, from Saturday, when I procured my materials, to today when I dropped off the completed items to te school.

I feel good though and now I can get back to my business!


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