Little Red Birdie Car

Making the decision this year to put a ton more effort into making my business bigger and more profitable was easy. Doing all of the things to actually accomplish that goal has been indeed challenging and difficult. But I’m working hard and planning and I feel optimistic about what’s ahead for this year and in the future.

One part of business that I never really found enjoyable was the marketing side. I’m good at designing and creating, but when it comes to advertising and tooting my own horn, eh, it’s just not me. I try and it feels false and I don’t like that. So I’ve been using Twitter and Facebook and Instagram sparingly but consistently. I don’t want to spam my followers but I do want to keep them interested in my work.

Since I’ll be doing more shows this year and using our car to transport myself and my goods to these shows, I thought it would be cool to put a little advertising on our vehicle. This was an inexpensive and simple way to get my name out to even more people. You never know where your next customer can come from. The more eyes that come across my website the better!

I decided to search Etsy for a vehicle graphics business that could help me come up with something. I quickly came across AmericanSign, a sign shop located in NJ. The gentleman I worked with, Kevin, was great at customer service. We convo’d back and forth and he created my logo into a car decal quickly and professionally.

It looks so great on our red Rav4!


And here’s a pic that my oldest took, trying to get me and the logo in. Only half accomplished, LOL



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