Local Craft Show

On Monday I was driving through an adjacent neighborhood on my way to pick up my kids from school and my eye was caught by a little white sign.


I did a double-take. Wait a minute! A craft show in Arlington? This weekend? JURIED??

As soon as I got home I googled that right up.

Indeed, a craftshow this Saturday at Swanson Middle School. Why didn’t I know about this?! I was peeved because obviously the application deadline had way passed. Back in January to be exact. But just maybe I could get in? It was a long-shot, but it was worth a try! I emailed the contact name and in 24 hours, she gave me the go ahead to submit my application for approval. I was elated!
And then I got really nervous. Did I have enough inventory for a full show that was happening in less than a week? Maybe!
But I got to work anyways.

I cut and sewed:

13 makeup bags
10 3ring binder pencilcases
10 camera straps
11 satchets

Enough to supplement all of the new items that I made once I finished the W-L Bazaar this past December.

I was working into Friday evening. I gave myself a goal and I finished everything I cut out. It felt pretty darned good. But then all of the other prep stuff that goes into doing a show, ironing tablecloths, pricing, signage, etc, I was putting stuff together until almost 1030.
I knew I needed to be in bed at a decent hour however, so it was lights out soon after that.
Mike was a rockstar getting the house taken care of while I had my harried week of pre-show production and preparation.

I snapped some pics of my setup at the school:






I did very well! I got a lot of foot traffic, many lovely compliments and comments and LOTS of sales! Which was exciting and wonderful as I had only even heard about this event mere days before. It’s definitely something I would do again next year. And not at the last minute!


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