What’s your favorite pie?

Mines APPLE, hands down, no contest.

When I was a kid my dad used to be a manager at the branch offices of Wonder Bread/Hostess cakes. We grew up with Twinkies and Chocodiles and Suzy Qs (another favorite!) and those luscious hand-held apple pies. My God, I still remember those sweet babies. I think they’re still available, but the last time I looked at the nutritional info, I nearly fell over at what’s in them. They probably won’t taste as good as I remember either.

So a few times a year, I make a pie. APPLE PIE! It’s Mike’s favorite too. He requests it for his birthday. (Along with cake too!)

This one I made to enjoy just before the Lenten season. My recipe is simple, half butter, half vegetable shortening. Flour, a bit of sugar, a little salt, and some ice cold water. Once the dough is made, I form a ball, cut it in two, wrap each individually and pop it in the fridge for a while. Inside goes about 8 or 9 apples, half Granny Smith and half something a little sweeter like MacIntosh or Pink Lady. I add 3/4 cup of cane sugar and LOTS of cinnamon.

In order to not burn the crust edges, halfway through the bake cycle I cover the edges with tinfoil. A trick I learned from my mom. I watched her and my grandma bake pies for holidays all throughout my childhood. A joyous memory.

I never get the crust to look perfect, but it sure tastes DELICIOUS!



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