a little show

A few months ago my friend Denise alerted me to an upcoming craft event right in our town. I’m ALWAYS looking for shows where the travel is minimum. We only have one car and zero babysitters, so it’s helpful when the boys can come help me set up and simply head home until I need their assistance again. (Usually in the form of fluid replenishment and then for the end-of-day breakdown.) This show, Discover Cherrydale, seriously could not have been more convenient. It took ten minutes to get there and it was held from noon until 5pm. Dream hours! I appreciated the timespan especially because it was quite a windy day and I had a REAL tough time trying to get my fabric goods to stay put.

Did I mention that this was my first outdoor event? Indeed! In the eight years that I’ve been doing shows/events, this is the first time I decided to go for it and sign up for some that were outside. Once the wind started though, I immediately chastised myself, “THIS is why I never did outdoor events!!”

It was a beautiful day, it’s just that the tent and the breeze and my stuff being very lightweight, well, all of that didn’t work very well together. I felt like my booth would have looked better if I could have placed everything that I had out, including my little signs. But all in all, I was pleased with my first inception of an outdoor setup. I’ll still have to think about how I can handle the elements better in the future though. Or I’ll put my newly acquired canopy up for sale on Craigslist. Either or.

Just a few snaps so you can get the idea:

IMG_9276 copy

IMG_9277 copy

IMG_9280 copy

I made the bunting on the cheap, using craft felt and ribbon yardage.

IMG_9281 copy

I love my old business banner (seen festooned on my tables here), but I wanted something bigger for the back wall of my new tent. I based it off of my website and business card design.



IMG_9284 copy

I handcut each letter and the red birdie out of red wool felt. I then fused them to the background fabric, which is a laminated cotton. I printed the “hello” on my inkjet printer using printable cotton sheets. (which I think are awesome!) Lastly, I added a nickel grommet to each corner so I can hang it up. I made this banner in one night. The night RIGHT BEFORE the event! I was waiting for that laminated cotton to come in! But I do think it’s beautiful and cute and sweet and adorable and I’m super glad that I took the time to make it!


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