handmade summer top

I have SUCH a hard time finding summer tops. When the heat and humidity come around, I usually pare down my wardrobe to a top, cut-offs and some sandals. Any more clothing and I become very miserable. Being of large stature, in height and weight, I have the darnedest time finding cute, cool, summery shirts to wear. Everything is either polyester, too short, hideous, sleeveless, or has a ridiculous and annoying elastic across the bottom band. WHY DO THEY DO THIS? It’s never flattering on anyone!

This year I decided to give it a go at making some tops for myself. I’m not a clothing designer nor am I pattern drafter, so I had to find some options in the commercial pattern department. JoAnn’s was having a 99 cent pattern sale a few months ago, so I picked a few up that I thought I might like to try.

The first one was Simplicity 4607:


Now the ONLY reason I bought this one is for the easy breezy tunic it offered. I have a few tops in that shape and I love how comfortable and easy it is to wear.
Because this was my first time using this pattern, I thought it would be best to try it in muslin first before I cut into my newly purchased cotton yardage. But in all honesty, I hate doing a muslin mockup. It takes just as much time as the finished product and I’d rather have a usable item at the end! So I went through my fabric closet and found something that would work. Some old cotton blend lightweight floral print fabric that I got from the clearance section at G Street fabrics. I figured if I mess it up or need to adjust in any way, I won’t mind doing it on this fabric. But if all goes well, hey, I’ll have a completed and wearable shirt!
And it worked out well!
It was a very easy pattern and it’s beyond comfy! Success!




Now I can’t wait to make a few more!


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