my real FANCY manicure setup

We live in a very small space which I quite enjoy. We all have room for ourselves and our things and our lifestyle and hobbies. With that however, I do have to be creative at times when it comes to utilizing our existing spaces. I tend to do my nails at night once our kids are in bed. So I set up a little manicuring space in my teeny bathroom. It has the right amount of light for nail art and just enough room to lay out my tools and polishes. And the commode is a built-in chair! TMI? Well, it’s not like I’m USING it as I’m polishing. 🙂


I’ll break it down. I use my toilet as my chair and my hamper as my work table. If I’m using nail design tape, I will cut all of my pieces before applying and will line them up along the edge of sink. Which works great by the way, because the tape is easily removed from the ceramic. I usually need to keep my brain somewhat occupied while I’m working, so I usually have Netflix streaming on my laptop. (More often than not I’m re-watching The Office for the hundredth time!)

And results:



Poppy nail design, materials used:

China Glaze, “Salsa”
Sally Hansen, “Lacey Lilac”
Orly, “Wild Wisteria”
Topcoat: Revlon Extra Life


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