new bag for me

For as many bags, purses, pouches and wristlets I’ve made for sale and for others over the years, the amount of those items that I’ve made strictly for my own personal usage is really low. I always want to make new bags for myself, I just never get around to it!

My old bag was looking used and sad and I was kind of sick of it, so I started thinking about what I’d like to carry around for the next six months to a year. (or longer!)
I still had a nice amount of Jessica Jones’ Outside Oslo line in my fabric inventory. Plus I had purchased a weird/cool magenta suede jacket/shirt thing from the Salvation Army sometime last year. I knew I wanted that suede for myself!

I love mixing colors and prints and this bag makes me seriously smile. Each side a just a little bit different and I re-used the pocket that was originally part of the garment. There is a removable strap that is attached via swivel clip and nickel grommets. The straps are attached via rivets.

IMG_9192 copy

IMG_9198 copy


IMG_9200 copy

As I finished this piece I figured I might as well make a new wallet wristlet for myself too. I like matching things but I decided to make this item just a bit different. I had some old navy blue vinyl leftover from my last tote. I used this to make the random shapes on the outside. I first fused them onto the exterior using fusible webbing. I seriously LOVE this stuff for any and all applique work.

You can see my handy work from the wrong side:

IMG_9190 copy

And the finished product!

IMG_9201 copy

IMG_9206 copy

I attached the strap by threading it through a goldtone grommet and knotting it. For the closure, I purchased a heavy duty double-sided metal zipper from Joann’s.

I just love how cool the design looks.


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