yoshi cake!

For my son’s birthday, I wanted to make the cake that we’d be having on his actual day, for just our family. I usually do this every year for my boys and try to come up with either something really special or something at their request. I am NOT a cake decorator but I’ve come up with some pretty cute stuff in the past. Once I get all my photos together, I can link to past cakes. In the meantime however, allow me to share my most recent work.

First you should know that my kid is obsessed with this Yoshi shirt that we recently bought for him from OLD NAVY. He loves the color, the fact that it’s Yoshi and the fact that it’s a really soft, comfy tee. I do wash frequently and every time it’s clean, he will grab it. And look for it if it’s not in his closet. So we see this shirt A LOT!


A few days before his birthday, I figured, “Why not make a Yoshi cake?” Indeed!

I googled image searched for yoshi cakes and there were a lot of good ones out there. but some used gum paste and made little figures. I don’t have the time or talent for that yet. I thought I could easily do it with frosting gel and fondant. I was right!

Almost done:


I added some Yoshi eggs and number 10s to the surrounding sides:


Isn’t cutting into your edible artwork the hardest to watch?!


But totally worth it! YUM!


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