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Back at the beginning of this year, I was contacted by a woman named Jen who was interested in my 3-ring binder pencilcase. I typically make them to around the size of a standard sheet of loose-leaf paper. She inquired whether I could make my superslim case into a 3-ring binder compatible case. Of course I could!

She and I set to work in figuring out what fabrics I had that worked best with her favored aesthetic. She picked out the very cool Echino Ni-Co Bicycle print along with a coordinating cotton lining for the interior. And I set to work!

She loved her new pencilcase and I loved working with her to make her something she adored. Isn’t that the best?

Jen has her own blog, the amazing The House of Wood. It’s beautiful and wonderful, just like her!

Recently she started a regular series on her site called Etsy Love, where she showcases Etsy shops that she well, LOVES. Check out this months, including yours truly!

I have to also point out how much I’m admiring the work of fellow featured shop of Jen’s, EvaJuliet, specifically her Choose Joy print. I mean, how I could not love it!

If you’ve got your eye on something in my shop, now is the time to fill up that shopping cart, I’m offering a 15% discount using Jen’s readers code, HOUSEOFWOOD!

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