go win something!

Shanell of Go Team Kate fame recently contacted me in hopes that she can get her hands on one of my snazzy and totally useful 3-ring binder pencilcases that I started making this year. She wanted to review it for her Products We Love section. I thought, sure why not! Secretly I think my goods hold up to even severe scrutiny. (I sound like Angela Martin from The Office, no?)

In addition to her reviewing my product and giving a rave review, (YAY!), she is holding a giveaway for one of my pencilcases.

These are the ones I sent:


I love how different the fabrics are from each other, but if I was hard pressed, I couldn’t pick a favorite! I’m just as in love with bold, graphic, geometric prints as I am with pretty pastels and trees. Enough love for all yo.

So get on over there and enter to WIN!

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