tell me about it, stud

Grease? Anyone?

Well, this has nothing to do with that, but I needed something witty for the title. Yah.

Sooo, TOTAL impulse buy at Target this week. I went into the cosmetic department just to pick up some more nail polish remover. “Oh let me just look at the colors real quick.” And then my eyes found these cute little kits by Sally Hansen. Truth be told, I’ve been considering purchasing some nail studs for a while now. But I never really came across them in the store and never quite pulled the trigger of buying them online. So here were some that looked easy to use and also, they were relatively inexpensive. The kit cost just over 5 bucks.

I wound up purchasing two kits, the last two pictured in this image:


The studs kit and the (micro) bead kit.

Today I went with the studs, pretty much just because I needed something quick and easy, as I didn’t have a lot of time to devote to my mani today.

Yesterday I had found this review of the studs kit on Youtube. I actually agree with everything she says. I’m glad I watched this first because I didn’t have any issues with the pickup tool as I coated it with my (Say Yes to Carrots!) chapstick prior to me picking up my studs. Worked like a dream!

My own results:



I love the way it turned out. And it took me like two minutes longer than a regular plain polish mani. I’m a fan! I can’t wait to try out some new designs with these.

Main Color: L’oreal’s “Now You Sea Me”
Accent Color: Nicole by OPI’s “The Next CEO”
Topcoat: Revlon’s Extra Life


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