new floral top

This is actually version two of a top in this particular fabric. The first one I made with the same pattern that I used here. But it didn’t turn out quite as nice as the first time. The proportion was off, probably because I attempted to lengthen the tunic. It hit me weird on the stomach and was tight in the arms. I was disappointed to say the least. I was tempted to just scrap the shirt and call it a loss. But I hate wasting! So I got out the remaining scraps and tried to salvage the project by using a new pattern.

This time I used this one:


I again, got this one at Joann’s, for super cheap, $1.99. A deal! The fabric that I used I also came from Joann’s and it’s a summery cotton linen floral print.

I liked the panels used for shaping and it allowed me to utilize the fabric in a different way, making small cuts and sewing them together, instead of just one big piece. I had JUST enough fabric using the first version and my leftover fabric. I was thrilled that I didn’t have to trash the shirt completely!





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