vintage rose accent

I had my nails blank for about a week because I just haven’t had the time to sit down and paint them up nice, what with the boys being in the full swing of summer break. (It’s been really nice having them home all day. Exhausting, but nice!) When my nails have zero polish on them, they are SUPER weak and peel-y. It’s annoying and I get very obsessive about peeling them when they split, which only makes matters ten times worse!
I finally sat down before bed and got to work on my new mani for this week.

All lined up ready to start:


From left the right:

L’oreal Violet Vixen
Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet
Sally Hansen Sweet Sunrise
OPI Jade is the New Black
Revlon Extra Life topcoat

I also used my studs kit again, along with a large dotting tool and small art brush.

The accent nails is from this tutorial courtesy of Cutepolish. I’ve done this technique a few times and LOVE the results. As an accent nail or on every finger, I’m simply smitten with the sweet roses!




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