i’m on cloud 9

I discovered Cloud 9 fabrics sometime late last year. I specifically fell for their organic cottons. Cute prints and clean lines. My kind of stuff.

Last month my friend Denise and I discovered a lovely little fabric and yarn shop in (sort of) nearby Leesburg,VA. She actually found out about Finch online and we were so excited that we planned a day when we were without our kiddos in order to take the almost hour drive out there. We were not disappointed! It’s pretty much our dream right there on the corner! (Did I ever mention that Denise and I are DYING to open a boutique fabric shop? Indeed. But that’s a whole other post for another day!)

Look how charming!



That’s Nicole in the white dress, the shop’s owner. She was so nice! And very patient as Denise (in the graphic print Moneta in the back), picked her brain about the store/business.

It’s really a wonderful shop, with space for sitting and knitting or taking a sewing class on one of the machines. We both just loved how Nicole set up a cozy space for creating and building a community.

While I was there, I fell in love with the Cloud 9 voile that she had in stock, Palos Verdes by Leslie Shewring. The print that really spoke to me was the La Venta. It was so crisp and summery. And I’m such a sucker for triangles lately. (I feel like there’s a Seinfeld joke in here somewhere!)

I knew I’d make a tunic out of it.

So I wound up buying three yards total for this Simplicity pattern:


I like this pattern because it had gentle bust/waist shaping through the front, instead of just dropping straight down into a billowy square. But it’s not fitted, so the comfort and easiness of the garment remains.

The only modifications I made were:

I added a button sleeve thingy (what is that called anyways, I have no idea!) instead of the recommended sleeve/arm band.

I trimmed the inside facing a bit because the voile is quite see-through and the top looked better without seeing so much of the facing from the inside. (I’m really glad I did this!)



Funnily enough, I semi-unconciously wore a green bra today which you can totally notice. But I figured, you can see through voile no matter what, so what’s the deal with seeing a green bra versus a white bra? Nada!


I’m wondering just how many more cotton tops I’m going to wind up making before this summer comes to a close!


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