(T)art deco

I had a lovely little breakfast/coffee with my bestie Denise last week. We met at our “summer place”, a local spot called Obylee. It opened up right near me a few years ago and I’m basically SUPER DUPER in love with their nutella crepes. Which, how can anyone not be? Just look at them!


They make a delicious vanilla latte as well!

While we were there chatting up a storm, I fell in love with Denise’s polish. Turns out it’s essie’s Tart Deco. How fun! I went to Target later in the week and picked up a bottle. Last night I finally changed polishes and I was excited to try this shade on me.
I decided to add some gold triangles to complete the art deco look.

Here’s what I used for this manicure:


essie’s Tart Deco
Nicole by OPI’s The Next CEO
Revlon’s Extra Life topcoat
Scotch tape!

It was ridiculously easy, just two small pieces of scotch tape on each nail. I love the whole look, as I’m a fan of coral/peaches with golds for summer. However, I’m debating whether or not, in general, I like this particular hue on my hands. I think my hands on currently too tan to pull this off without looking like an old lady from south Florida. The reason it looked so nice on Denise’s hands was because she has a way paler skintone than I. The peachy hue looked sweet and delicate. For me, it’s a little jarring to have such a shade of coral against my golden skin. I still like the look enough to keep it on though.
Funnily enough, I showed Mike my handiwork this morning and his opinion, “Like the colors, hate the design.” Which, how can anybody hate triangles?? He thought they looked like pointy claws. Haha




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