DS zippy pouch

My 10yo LOVES any and all of the DS game systems that Nintendo has put out over the years. I think we’ve had just about all of them. From the first incarnation to the 3DS and now the 2DS (which, weird right?). We’ve had a few cases that worked okay. Though they never have enough room for the game, the power cord, and the cartridges, so it winds up being annoying that things don’t get to stay together when they’re not in use or we’re traveling. I can’t tell you how many times those teeny tiny cartridges came spilling out of a ripped ziploc baggie. Frustrating!

I don’t know why it took me so long to make a case for all this trouble, but sometimes the most obvious things slip right by our view. I mean, I’m the queen of zippy pouches! I’ve made hundreds over the years. Perhaps even over a thousand? Could be!

So here’s one more, heehee



I made this using cotton linen for the exterior and cotton lawn for the lining. I interfaced it with fusible fleece and added the wool felt DS applique. It’s smaller in size than a piece of paper and holds everything together!