mmmm, cake!

I was introduced to this sweet little pattern by my good friend Denise from Canoodlings. She usually gets to the good stuff first. I’m an expert procrastinator, so even though I purchased this last year sometime, I didn’t get around to actually cutting into it until a few days ago. I had the knit fabric from Girl Charlee for about as long. I picked out this knit print because I’m still super in love with all things triangle. And blue! LOVE blue. I will be honest though, this fabric isn’t the softest knit I ever worked with. In fact, it’s downright stiff. Adding extra fabric softener in the laundry didn’t help much, but perhaps over time? Fingers crossed.

Since I’m new to this pattern, there was the usual learning curve. This pattern, which you can buy here, is available in a pdf printable or a tissue pattern. I always, ALWAYS spend the few extra bucks and get the tissue pattern. Since I only have a standard paper size inkjet printer at home, not only will it cost precious expensive ink to print out my size pieces, but taping the pieces together doesn’t thrill me either. It’s worth it to me to have the actual pattern.

I did find the garment easy enough to put together. I came across a little trouble attaching the skirt portions to the midriff piece however. (I had to seam rip a lot of stitches at one point.) But again, that wasn’t necessarily the fault of the pattern, it was more or less my inexperience with it. And well, dress-making in general. I’m still learning! ALWAYS LEARNING!

Another issue I had was the shape of the front bodice pieces. In the pattern photos and EVERY other incarnation of this garment I’ve come across online, it’s just a straight diagonal cross-over v-neck. But somehow mine had this weird curved edge by the collar-bone? It was certainly odd and honestly I still have no idea why mine came out that shape. I mean, I cut the pattern exactly. I think I’m going to make the dress again in another print and see if the same thing happens. At first I wasn’t sure how it would come out with that odd curve, but really in the end, I kind of like the way it looks. It adds a little uniqueness to an otherwise basic neckline!

Lastly, I most definitely had to tack down the cross-over bodice. Trying it on as is, it gaped very badly and made it look sloppy on me. Once I top-stitched the V, it lays nice and smooth, a plus for my well-endowed bust. I highly recommend this step, especially as a lot of the finished dresses I’ve seen online has the wearer adding a cami/tank underneath because of the low-cut neckline. I LOATHE wearing an additional layer under my dresses so I’m glad I found a comfortable solution.

A few pics:




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