Time to dust the cobwebs off this place!

This year’s goal has been to creat more, blog more, make more, earn more, eat more, run more, laugh more, yadayadayada. I think I got the eating thing down. And I’ve made A LOT of things this year! But I haven’t posted about any of it. I’m weird like that. I do take a bunch of pictures, so maybe if I have a spare moment (HA!), I will get around to posting about it all. Isn’t that just so exciting? 🙂

The new layout of my blog is still undergoing some changes, but hopefully the finished product will be done soon. But don’t hold your breath!

I’m also in the midst of waking my business up from it’s long and peaceful sleep. I participated in the Washington-Lee Holiday Bazaar this past Saturday and enjoyed my BEST YEAR EVER in money and sales. It feels good! See some pics below:




With that, let me go and organize my brain. Stay tuned.


Project: JAY!

Yesterday I took the opportunity to go and check out Crafty Bastards Arts & Crafts Fair. It was AWESOME. Despite the heavy rain and heavy crowds.
There was booth after booth of wonderful and amazing art and wearables. I was falling in love with everything. My goal was to get tee shirts for the boys and Mike and maybe something cute for myself. Mission accomplished! I drooled over SO MANY fantastic things though. I grabbed a bunch of business cards from my favorite booths.

Another highlight? I met Jay McCarroll!

For those that don’t know, he was the Season 1 winner of my beloved Project Runway.

I was like a dorky giddy fangirl. (As soon as I saw him standing in his booth, I texted Mike, “I SEE HIM!” LOL)

I approached him when I calmed down and my friend Denise asked him if I could get a picture of us together. Wish granted!


Please please please ignore my amazingly frizzy and schmutzed up hair. The rain was a BASTARD yesterday and my hair grew larger and most unruly every minute.

Ignore the derp smile too.

After the pic was snapped he looked at my scarf and asked me about it and as he was grabbing at it to get a closer look, I bellowed, “Don’t look at it, it’s full of mistakes!!” He was all, “Oh stop it, like I knit and would know!?” He said it was cool and that the color complimented me and OMG. Fans self.

Also: isn’t his necklace so cool! His glasses too. They were like faux wood. (Or maybe real wood?!)

the alphabet train

Blues Clues DVDs have a special place in our heart. My two small boys love Joe and Blue and I love that I can make dinner in general peace. Win-win.

One of our favorite episodes involves the alphabet. Joe and company make a fantastic alphabet train and close the epi. with a catchy song that we all sing with energy and goofy verve.

My 5 year old told me he wanted an alphabet train. So I set to it. It took me a while, everything was made free-hand.


For those unfamiliar with Blues Clues (and the alphabet train), you can watch a clip of the song/video right here. Watch it multiple times so you can get the song stuck in your head! 😛

Onto the letters!









My favorites are the queen and fox. And rainbow. and zebra. lol

The littler guy checking it out.


materials used:

printer (for characters)
felt (craft and wool)
self-adhesive puffy letters
boxes are candy boxes purchased from Container Store
Aleene’s tacky glue

Cool NeckWear

Another new craft! This one was very easy too. Just a little time consuming. All you need is a t-shirt, and some scissors. How simple is that? The idea has been floating around the internet for a bit. You can find a link to the tutorial on craftster.org. (A favorite place of mine.) I made two of these. One long brown one and one short pink and gray one. They’re fun and easy and interesting! You should try them!


And the brown one too:


A Halloween Craft.

So truth be told, I’m not really much of a Halloween person.
I mean, not so much in the way of zombies and death and blood and bats and all that creepy stuff.
About as creepy as I will get is abiding the Jack-O-Lantern, which is to say, really not creepy at all.
I’m a wuss, I will admit it, even when it comes to make-believe-y type things.
I’ve learned to accept this.

But these, these cute little pumpkin luminaries, well they are just the cat’s pajamas!
I used the tutorial found over at Skip To My Lou. She’s got a whole mess of Halloween crafts to partake in.
But this is the one that really tickled my fancy!
(Just how many cliched phrases CAN I use in one post??!)




And all aglow!



The only modifications I did to the original tutorial is using orange tissue paper instead of the mentioned crepe paper. I was indeed looking for orange crepe paper when I was at Target recently. But they had none to be found! Everyone grabbed ’em to make their own pumpkin lanterns, I can only presume!

materials used:

mod podge
tissue paper
construction paper
baby food jars
pickle jar (!)

Second time ’round.

Well, I survived.
The Arlington County Fair is behind me and phew, am I relieved.

It was a lot of hardwork but I made it through and made some good dough.
Got to talk to some wonderfully lovely people too.

My favorite part is when folks who remembered me from last year came by to visit or buy. Their excitement about my products was so humbling and flattering and sweet and awwwww.

So here are some pics of my booth, my view, and my new friend.

I took this on the first day when it was all chock full. I didn’t have the flowers yet either. I picked up some pretty Gerber daisies from Whole Foods and they beautified my space even more. I love daisies.

07fair3.jpg 07fair4.jpg 07fair6.jpg 07fair5.jpg

I was right across the way from this acupuncture doctor dude. I got to stare at heiney placards and like big ears and stuff.


And then of course, there was this guy again. He always makes me chuckle, watching him walk. Matty was fairly interested in him, he would grab his deflatable hands and push in the groin-al region. Good times.


And my new friend.


(I know that’s a crappy picture, I only had my camera phone when she was all complete. I’m gonna take some better photos of her tomorrow, weather permitting.)

Now, she was completely handsewn by moi. I did it during my downtimes, in between customers. She is from the Wee Wonderfuls Put-Together Book-1. I finally had the time and motivation to actually put one together! And I just adore how she came out. I added a little red birdie and matching purse so she could act as my mascot during my time at the fair. She certainly kept me company and intrigued some of the shoppers. One lady even wanted to buy her! (No sale though, I just couldn’t part with her after working so hard. Plus she looks awesome sitting in my workspace at home.)

Her name is Roberta, by the way.
Or, if you like: Rowr-berta
Or even better: Ropuurrr-ta

Yeah, Mike got a good chuckle out of those too.

So that’s all folks.
For now.
The shoppe will be updated with all items that weren’t sold. Should take me a coupla days. You know, I know I said this would be my last hurrah before the new babe gets here, but I’m kinda hoping that I have some time to keep it going for a while. I say that now, you know, before all the middle of the night feedings and such. So who knows if I’ll even have the stamina to continue. God willing I suppose! Time will tell.


There’s a name change to be happening!


Well, I got tired of folks thinking that craftysassi was craftyASSI. I’m serious people, that is what I would get time and time again. Even if I changed my font!

So after much consideration, I decided to make my mascot, my little red birdie, who has been my peep from day one, front and center. His name in lights!


Oh and my other new friend there? Her name is Frances. You can call her Franny if you’d like. She is wearing ‘little red birdie’ original accessories, of course.

I created my new look with the simplest pleasure of paper and glue.
I cut out my design totally freehand. Free-scissor?
I loved the way everything came out.
We then scanned it in and Mike did his work with all the code and stuff. Really, he’s a genius. It’s exactly how my brain pictured the final site.
So cool.

You can see our awesome handywork at the new site, it’s all live and functional already. Woo!

See some of the papery love:




I had new business cards printed up by the very awesome and fast and reasonable overnightprints.com.
I love how they look like little pieces of art, not a stuffy old business card.


Next was some new maker labels for my stuff. I went back to namemaker.com. I love the way the red looks against the light blue. These labels are great, very easy to use and inexpensive in price. My only complaint with namemaker.com is that they take quite a long time. I’m impatient, I want things NOW people! But you know, anyway, I got ’em and I love ’em.


Finally, I needed some new promo magnets. For reasons I don’t feel like getting into here, I chose not to patronize kateblack anymore. (I don’t even feel like linking her shop, to be honest.) So I spent some time on etsy looking for a new source. And I came across the very sweet AmyLynn and her shop kittycrossbones.
She did an excellent job on my new magnets! They look so cute, starring the very fashionable Frances and everyone’s pal, LRB. See?


So with all that, I’ll now be working on restyling this blog to match the little red birdie shop. I’m going to go the paper and glue route again, just because it was so much fun and I was so pleased with the results.

So stay tuned!

The papery.

I love paper.
The feel of it.
The look of it.
The versatility.
The selection, my golly, the selection!

So I allow myself any excuse to work with some paper and glue.

I made our Christmas cards this year and I’m pretty darned pleased with how they came out. Mike admired the simplicity and elegance of my designs. Isn’t he the sweetest?


Of course, for as nice as they are, they’ll more than likely be a wee late, ’cause well, there sitting on the desk right now waiting to be stamped and mailed!

materials used:

vellum cardstock
linen cardstock
paper glue
archival ink


When I was a youngster, every year we broke out the same big ol’ box of Christmas decorations. There were many glass balls, lots of little plastic Santas and snowman and yards of glittery silver garland. (Never tinsel, garland.)
We hardly ever added anything to our holiday stash and anything subtracted was due to breakage.
The other day I was at the Salvation Army browsing and but who should I see laying in the glass case amongst other fine ornaments?

Why, it was Little Drummer Boy and he looked exactly as I remembered him.
We had these very same ornaments growing up, in red and green.
I knew I had to rescue the little guy from the musty stench of the Salvy.
So I paid the 4 bucks for him and took him on home.

He’s here now and just look at his awesome cherub face.


For our third.

Did you know that a traditional third wedding anniversary gift is leather?
Isn’t that interesting?
I kept thinking of typical male, leather goods.
And I kept coming up with the very boring and somehow, not exactly ideal: belt, gloves, wallet, shoes.
Did I really want to give my lovey a belt for our third? Um, no.

So here is what I did.
I took an (already leather!) journal and made a cover for it.
Handsewn leather baby!
I really enjoyed making it personal, celebrating us.
I made the card too.
Which continued to be surprisingly pleasing.
Who knew that cutting paper and gluing it down would be so fun?
I’m a second-grader all over again!

Ze card:


I made the envelope too.
But you know, how excited is an envelope?
In my case, not very.
Picture it though.

And the journal.


I used individual letter stamps for the words.
It took a long while, but it was very relaxing and enjoyable.
I think I had around 30 words interspersed throughout the pages.
I like miscellany.
The font is antique typewriter, which I also adore.


materials used:

heavy duty coated thread
all-purpose craft glue
archival ink stamp pad
alphabet stamps
scrap papers, recycled
gold tag paper
purchased graph journal