(T)art deco

I had a lovely little breakfast/coffee with my bestie Denise last week. We met at our “summer place”, a local spot called Obylee. It opened up right near me a few years ago and I’m basically SUPER DUPER in love with their nutella crepes. Which, how can anyone not be? Just look at them!


They make a delicious vanilla latte as well!

While we were there chatting up a storm, I fell in love with Denise’s polish. Turns out it’s essie’s Tart Deco. How fun! I went to Target later in the week and picked up a bottle. Last night I finally changed polishes and I was excited to try this shade on me.
I decided to add some gold triangles to complete the art deco look.

Here’s what I used for this manicure:


essie’s Tart Deco
Nicole by OPI’s The Next CEO
Revlon’s Extra Life topcoat
Scotch tape!

It was ridiculously easy, just two small pieces of scotch tape on each nail. I love the whole look, as I’m a fan of coral/peaches with golds for summer. However, I’m debating whether or not, in general, I like this particular hue on my hands. I think my hands on currently too tan to pull this off without looking like an old lady from south Florida. The reason it looked so nice on Denise’s hands was because she has a way paler skintone than I. The peachy hue looked sweet and delicate. For me, it’s a little jarring to have such a shade of coral against my golden skin. I still like the look enough to keep it on though.
Funnily enough, I showed Mike my handiwork this morning and his opinion, “Like the colors, hate the design.” Which, how can anybody hate triangles?? He thought they looked like pointy claws. Haha



vintage rose accent

I had my nails blank for about a week because I just haven’t had the time to sit down and paint them up nice, what with the boys being in the full swing of summer break. (It’s been really nice having them home all day. Exhausting, but nice!) When my nails have zero polish on them, they are SUPER weak and peel-y. It’s annoying and I get very obsessive about peeling them when they split, which only makes matters ten times worse!
I finally sat down before bed and got to work on my new mani for this week.

All lined up ready to start:


From left the right:

L’oreal Violet Vixen
Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet
Sally Hansen Sweet Sunrise
OPI Jade is the New Black
Revlon Extra Life topcoat

I also used my studs kit again, along with a large dotting tool and small art brush.

The accent nails is from this tutorial courtesy of Cutepolish. I’ve done this technique a few times and LOVE the results. As an accent nail or on every finger, I’m simply smitten with the sweet roses!



tell me about it, stud

Grease? Anyone?

Well, this has nothing to do with that, but I needed something witty for the title. Yah.

Sooo, TOTAL impulse buy at Target this week. I went into the cosmetic department just to pick up some more nail polish remover. “Oh let me just look at the colors real quick.” And then my eyes found these cute little kits by Sally Hansen. Truth be told, I’ve been considering purchasing some nail studs for a while now. But I never really came across them in the store and never quite pulled the trigger of buying them online. So here were some that looked easy to use and also, they were relatively inexpensive. The kit cost just over 5 bucks.

I wound up purchasing two kits, the last two pictured in this image:


The studs kit and the (micro) bead kit.

Today I went with the studs, pretty much just because I needed something quick and easy, as I didn’t have a lot of time to devote to my mani today.

Yesterday I had found this review of the studs kit on Youtube. I actually agree with everything she says. I’m glad I watched this first because I didn’t have any issues with the pickup tool as I coated it with my (Say Yes to Carrots!) chapstick prior to me picking up my studs. Worked like a dream!

My own results:



I love the way it turned out. And it took me like two minutes longer than a regular plain polish mani. I’m a fan! I can’t wait to try out some new designs with these.

Main Color: L’oreal’s “Now You Sea Me”
Accent Color: Nicole by OPI’s “The Next CEO”
Topcoat: Revlon’s Extra Life

red tonal polka dots

I wanted something quick and cute to spruce up my nails for this week.
I recently fell in love with Milani’s High Speed fast dry formula. I can only find it at CVS currently, but I’m hoping Target or Walgreens will pick it up soon. It goes on opaque and has a nice even coverage. Plus it doesn’t chip nearly as much as some other brands.



Polishes used:

Milani in Rapid Cherry
Sally Hansen in Sweet Sunrise
Revlon Extra Life topcoat

my real FANCY manicure setup

We live in a very small space which I quite enjoy. We all have room for ourselves and our things and our lifestyle and hobbies. With that however, I do have to be creative at times when it comes to utilizing our existing spaces. I tend to do my nails at night once our kids are in bed. So I set up a little manicuring space in my teeny bathroom. It has the right amount of light for nail art and just enough room to lay out my tools and polishes. And the commode is a built-in chair! TMI? Well, it’s not like I’m USING it as I’m polishing. 🙂


I’ll break it down. I use my toilet as my chair and my hamper as my work table. If I’m using nail design tape, I will cut all of my pieces before applying and will line them up along the edge of sink. Which works great by the way, because the tape is easily removed from the ceramic. I usually need to keep my brain somewhat occupied while I’m working, so I usually have Netflix streaming on my laptop. (More often than not I’m re-watching The Office for the hundredth time!)

And results:



Poppy nail design, materials used:

China Glaze, “Salsa”
Sally Hansen, “Lacey Lilac”
Orly, “Wild Wisteria”
Topcoat: Revlon Extra Life

Spring Polka Dots

Well, the calender says Spring, but it’s still been snowing and cold! I’m not even complaining though. I like it. When it’s 90+ degrees with high humidity, I’ll be longing for these extra winter days. And I know those hot days are right around the corner!

I am switching over to some Spring-y colors however, specifically in the nail department.

I recently picked up a few Milani brand polishes. This is my first time trying their nail color. I have to say that I’m pretty pleased so far. This particular type, the quick dry color coat went on nicely. Evenly, with good coverage. And it did dry fast! Furthermore, usually I have to touch up every day, but I’ve been wearing this since Monday and today is the first day that I’ve even had to consider touching up edge chips. A big PLUS in my book.



polishes used:

base color: Milani in “Aqua Brisk”
polka dots: Nicole by OPI in “The Next CEO”
topcoat: Revlon Extra Life

Easy Mani

Perhaps one of the easiest high impact manicure. Since I’m getting ready for a local craft show this week, I haven’t had any time to concentrate on making my nails look pretty. I had a smidgen of time tonight to get some paint on these nails. But I didn’t want it to be boring!
Recently I came across a post about this new Maybelline texture topcoat. Last week I dragged the boys into CVS so I could check it out for myself.

A base color, a swipe of this splatter overcoat, and a quick drying topcoat was all I needed:



I LOVE it! Perfect for when you want a little extra something on your nails but don’t have the time (or energy) to create nailart.

base color: essie in “Merino Cool”
textured coat: Maybelline ColorShow Street Art in “Blue Beats”
topcoat: Revlon Extra Life

Just a bit of fancy

I wanted to do a quick and simple manicure for this weekend. An hour later, I have my results. Striping tape IS fussy. But I power through because I love the clean edges. I love the richness of the gold and deep purple.



gold accent: Nicole by OPI in “The Next CEO”
purple base color: L’Oreal in “Paparazzi Pleaser”
topcoat: Revlon’s Extra Life

A little bit of texture

I’m not a fan of textured nails, but I do love this Fuzzy Coat by Sally Hansen. It looks great on top of a bunch of different colors. The formula has great coverage and longevity too.


Accent nail is Orly’s “Charged U”. Base coat is essie’s “Boxer Shorts”.


Newest Nailart

After too long, I finally have a feed reader set up again on my macbook. I was completely sore when Google decided to pull the plug on their reader. Like, I took it personally and I was MAD! I kept a log of all of the sites that were there and about a week ago I broke down and told Mike, “I need a reader. I NEED one!”
He hooked me up with something called MnmlRdr. Which is absolutely an annoying name. But it works! And all of my sites are organized in a way that I can lazily and sometimes hungrily consume them. I missed the inspiration! But it was good to have a break too. I focused on getting my own site up again and I’m feeling pretty good about everything.

Okay, so yesterday I came across this post in my feed. How pretty!

My nails have been blank since last week so I decided to give it a go right after the kids were in bed.

It IS a tad tedious and fussy. Anytime you work with striping tape that’s just how it is.

But I loved the results! There’s a few little smudges in the edges of some of the lines, but all in all, this was a very successful first attempt at new nailart. Feels good!