Current Nail Art

Nothing too intricate, but oh so lovely. I used L’oreal’s Nail Color Riche. I like this formula because it goes on easily and is not gloppy or thick. It could be considered too thin by some, but I like this because it gives good coverage and painting multiple coats isn’t a problem. It actually dries!

They have a lot of good colors too. These are Violet Vixen and Grecian Goddess.



(Please ignore the scar on my index finger, my rotary cutter got away from me two weeks ago. Eeek)

Spooky Nails?

Not quite. Adorable-y sweet (and SUPER quick) Halloween mani.

IMG_7415 copy

polishes used:

OPI’s Russian Navy
Orly’s Pointe Blanche
Nine Ultra’s Ink-Ling

My topcoat is ALWAYS Revlon’s Extra Life.

The great thing about this manicure is that as soon as Halloween was over, I simply took polish remover to the ghost and painted my ring fingers with the Russian Navy, a GREAT fall color.

Summer Color

Quick and easy mani. Which is what you want while you’re on vacay! No time to do intricate designs when the the waves are calling.

IMG_6981 copy

polishes used:

essie’s Big Spender
Orly’s It’s Up to Blue
Nicole’s Rich in Spirit

Tonal Polka Dots

You cannot beat a lovely hue on hue polka dot design for ease and prettiness. A perfect summery manicure.

IMG_3567 copy

IMG_3569 copy

(Dang, my hands are tan. I’m going to regret that in a few short years!)

polishes used:

essie’s Boxer Shorts (LOL)
Sally Hansen’s Deep Blue Sea

Summer Scallops

I am just simply in love with this art deco scalloped edge manicure. I found it via the beauty department, a wonderfully pretty website with cool tutorials.

I’ve done this particular technique at least a half dozen times, with many different colors. I love how lovely and interesting it looks.

IMG_6899 copy

IMG_6900 copy

polishes used:

Orly’s Charged Up
L’Oreal’s Grecian Goddess
Sally Hansen’s Pink Satin

Patriotic Nails

I think this mani speaks for itself.

IMG_6624 copy

(Photo doodles and text added via the Beautiful Mess iphone app, I love that thing!)

polishes used:

China Glaze’s Salsa
OPI’s Russian Navy
Orly’s Pointe Blanche
essie’s Set in Stone

I used a dotting tool and striping tape for the design. Photo taken poolside, aw yeah.

Summer Coral

Truth be told, I don’t even really like the color coral or those orange-y brights all that much. I prefer my oranges to be burnt and autumnal.


Just look at this luxe and rich gold and tangerine mani, I think I might have been won over by its deliciousness.

IMG_6608 copy

IMG_6610 copy

polishes used:

L’Oreal’s Tangerine Crush
Nicole’s The Next CEO

I used a dotting tool and striping tape for this simple design.

Taupe and Blue

I love the contrast between conservative taupe and the bold pop of a royal blue!

IMG_6442 copy

IMG_6444 copy

I used striping tape and a dotting tool for this design.

polishes used:

essie’s Merino Cool
Sally Hansen’s Pacific Blue


I got this technique from elycia and have used it a few times. Again, this one is a tad fussy, so to make it a little easier, I only used two colors and made two thinner strips of zig-zags on each nail. And then added a purple accent nail for a nice popping contrast.

IMG_6566 copy

IMG_6568 copy

polishes used:

OPI’s Funky Donkey
OPI’s What’s With the Cattitude?
OPI’s Orge the top Blue

Fuzzy Nails?

Total impulse buy! I saw it at Target and thought, why the hell would someone buy it? And then I tried it on one nail and was sort of smitten with it right away. Inspire by Jackson Pollock perhaps?

IMG_6292 copy

IMG_6290 copy

polishes used:

OPI’s Orge the Top Blue
Sally Hansen’s Fuzzy Coat Tweedy