Crafty Wreaths

Every year I swear I’m going to do more around here by way of homemade, handmade cheer. But then I get to December and I’m like, “Whaaaaaa, I have no time!” I have lots of things to do and about 85% of our shopping is not done yet, but whatever, I don’t care, I was making something this year!

I found this tutorial for an adorable wreath. It looked sweet and easy, right up my alley. (I do LOVE this yarn ball wreath too but figured that I didn’t have the time or patience for wrapping those balls this year. Maybe I’ll get motivated after Christmas is over and wind up ahead of the game for Christmas 2011. One can dream!)

So here we go, my results:


Close up of the flowers:


I made a large one and a small one. I just love how simple and pretty they are.


Once they were complete and hung, I focused on this ever popular wreath. Now, this one just wasn’t as easy. Like at all. I broke about a dozen balls before I realize that I wasn’t suppose to be glueing them to the wire hanger frame. I had to re-string them onto the wire more than two times and each time I was so nervous that I was going to break more and more. Then when I finally got everything on, I had troubles connecting the wire and twisting it and UGH, I was seriously ready to throw it out the window last night. It was sitting on my work station this morning when I woke up and I GLARED at it. Once Mike was at work, I was resolute that I was going to get that thing hung today. And I did.


But now I keep worrying that every open and close of the door (which is steel!) will result in the “SHATTER HEARD ‘ROUND THE WORLD”. I’m using the door gingerly now, but I know in a few days, I’m going to forget and…well, let’s not think about it all right?

Interestingly enough, I’m still feeling a need to make more wreaths. Whip up just posted a boatload of them. I want to make this one and EAT all of the gumdrops.

Machine Stitched Bird

I read many, many craft blogs and use them for inspiration. I love seeing something fun and wonderful and get excited enough to try it right away. (Since I’m a huge procrastinator!) I came across this awesome technique one day and set out to attempt it. It was easier than I thought and I just am giddy with the results. BIRDS! SKETCHED with THREAD! On my sewing machine! 🙂