yoshi cake!

For my son’s birthday, I wanted to make the cake that we’d be having on his actual day, for just our family. I usually do this every year for my boys and try to come up with either something really special or something at their request. I am NOT a cake decorator but I’ve come up with some pretty cute stuff in the past. Once I get all my photos together, I can link to past cakes. In the meantime however, allow me to share my most recent work.

First you should know that my kid is obsessed with this Yoshi shirt that we recently bought for him from OLD NAVY. He loves the color, the fact that it’s Yoshi and the fact that it’s a really soft, comfy tee. I do wash frequently and every time it’s clean, he will grab it. And look for it if it’s not in his closet. So we see this shirt A LOT!


A few days before his birthday, I figured, “Why not make a Yoshi cake?” Indeed!

I googled image searched for yoshi cakes and there were a lot of good ones out there. but some used gum paste and made little figures. I don’t have the time or talent for that yet. I thought I could easily do it with frosting gel and fondant. I was right!

Almost done:


I added some Yoshi eggs and number 10s to the surrounding sides:


Isn’t cutting into your edible artwork the hardest to watch?!


But totally worth it! YUM!

A Beautiful Cake

Mike requests the same thing every birthday, an apple pie. Which is so darned cute. But, our boys never go for it. They indicate, “A birthday must have cake! You cannot put candles in a pie!” Well, okay then. So I make a cake AND a pie. Although this year, I made the cake on his actual birthday and I baked the pie two days later. Which means we ate a lot of sugar that weekend.

I loosely based this confection on Rhee Drummond’s Chocolate Devils.

“Loosely based it on” is accurate because I used my own favored chocolate cake recipe, my own cherry buttercream filling, and Baking Illustrated’s ganache.

It was delicious and a beauty to behold!

IMG_7725 copy

For my Bubs

It is my tradition to make my family’s birthday cakes myself. I’ve made a lot of cakes over the last 9 years. With pleasure. My ideas mostly are simple. Every so often there will be a specific request. This year, I was left to my own devices, so I hit Pinterest in search of something cool and yummy.

It was my darling’s nine birthday, so nothing too twee. He LOVES Kit-Kats, so I figured, why not do the Kit-Kat cake? Okay!

I made both a vanilla layer and a chocolate layer from scratch. I then made some vanilla buttercream for the filling between the rounds. Next I made some chocolate buttercream to ice the whole thing. I put the cake in the fridge so the frosting would set nicely. Next I cut a piece of round wax paper the same size as the cake. Once I laid the Kit-Kats out along the edge of the cake, I placed the wax paper on the cake. I poured the m&ms inside the little pool and then added the ribbon. (I didn’t want to make the m&ms all slimy with frosting. Once we sang and the candles were blown out and wishes were made, we simply scooped the m&ms out and removed the wax paper.It didn’t look as pretty, but it sure was delicious!)

IMG_6097 copy

IMG_6086 copy


IMG_6089 copy

Easter Eats

I don’t much like hardboiled eggs to eat (though I guess egg salad is okay if it’s made right), but they sure are pretty all dolled up with food coloring.

IMG_5688 copy

My sister Cindi posted a how-to of this cake and I knew I HAD to make it. Look how cute! I cannot find the original link that I used, but this one is almost exactly the same.

IMG_5720 copy

I made one round chocolate cake and one round vanilla cake and cut according to instructions. I used jelly beans, Hershey kiss eyes, and red writing gel for the decorations. Mr. Bunny is laid on top of some colored coconut flakes.

And finally, I used some of our dyed eggs to make deviled eggs, a favorite of Mikes. We actually made them together. Some had capers, some bacon bits, and some paprika. They looked yummy!

IMG_5725 copy

My Honey’s Birthday

Very soon after a hearty (and delicious!) Thanksgiving Day, we had another sweet celebration for our one and only. I made a simple chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. Nothing original there! I wanted to jazz it up just a smidge, so grabbed a bag of m&ms and went to town!

IMG_4636 copy

It sorta took a long time. But look how cute!

IMG_4640 copy

Someone had a birthday!

And his cake request this year? A Zelda cake. Specifically a Skyward Sword cake. Because I know what that is?

Welp, I did my best y’all!

Since cake making is something that I typically flail through hilariously, I think I did okay. I printed out the logo/graphics and found the appropriate font. I then used them as templates in cutting out the fondant. The blue icing trim is what really gets me. Perhaps I just should have left well enough alone. Less is more and all that. Haha



a cake for a prince

My 7 year old prince!

When I first started this cake, I really didn’t think it would become this big. I just kept adding and futzing and scrutinizing and icing and before I knew it, I had the biggest cake I ever made. Bigger than the boat cake!

I used my tried and true vanilla and chocolate cake recipes for the structure. Then I made a few chocolate cupcakes to support the turrets. For those, I took standard sugar ice cream cones and dipped them in melted chocolate. While they were still warm and melty, I rolled them in sparkle-y colored sugar crystals. (Which is hard to see in the pics)

Then I set to piping that beast! My hand was T-I-R-E-D! I think it took me over an hour. Once that was finally complete, I added some flags to finish it off.

When he walked in, he gasped! Me too honestly, this thing didn’t even fit in our fridge! After the celebration, we dismantled it to make it fit. But a few days of cake eating got the best of us, and we wound up chucking a good portion of it.

Note to self: make smaller cakes yo







Bonus, m&m cupcakes for school:




This was the inspiration for poppet’s birthday cake this year. I had this pic saved for many months. I just loved the homemade, but creative look of it. Simple yet adorable. I could go for that.
There were no instructions for the cake, so I totally had to wing it.


My version:


Hrrrmmmmm? It’s a little messy, but Mike (and all of us really) LOVED the Little Debbie Nutty Bars deck!



I baked one layer of chocolate, one layer of vanilla. Really tasty cakes, my go-to recipes, I’m sure I’ve mentioned before. For the deck? Nutty bars! Lifesavers for portholes and um, my knitting needles to attach the sails. (I had planned on using our chopsticks, but they weren’t long enough!)

After his big brother ate his piece, he proclaimed, “I ate a BOAT! I’m going in the water.” Haha