lightening up Halloween night

Who says Halloween has to be all blood and guts? Candy and dress up are totally more my style. Which is why I leaned into this year’s Halloween costumes with much enthusiasm.

What could be more cheery, joyful, and fun than sunshine and rainbows?
Take that witches and vampires!

I know I say this every year, but these might be my most favorite creations ever. Well, until next year anyways.


Have you ever seen a walking rainbow?


His best friend, the sun! (Who happens to play the drums, heehee!)



Even from the back, look how sweet:


Sunshine + rainbow = best friends forever


materials used:

craft felt
fusible webbing
spray adhesive

Bonus, my halloween nails:



Halloween costumes!

Since the cake went over so well a few years back, we decided to bring Zelda into Halloween this year. I fashioned this Link after the Ocarina of Time installment.

For reference:


My creation:





This was the first year that I didn’t connect the boys’ costumes, because for the past few years I’ve been almost begging one of the boys to be an owl. And I’ve had zero luck. Until now. Poppet finally agreed! And I’m so glad he did because this is one of my favorite costumes. It took a lot of painstaking work, the cutting of all of those felt feathers! Why did I make them so small? Once you’re in it though, there is no choice but to keep going. And so I did. For a few nights, it was all cutting, all the time. Then once that part was over, I had the joy of sewing them all together! It was quite the undertaking, but once again, my moxie prevailed.

The trickiest part was attaching the wings to the body. It wound up being a pretty darned heavy costume for Poppet to stomp around in. But he didn’t complain!

I wasn’t sure how to complete the luck once the body, wings and headpiece were finished. Mike said it was great the way it is, but I hesitated. Which I always do when it comes the finishing of my work/creations. I knew there was something else to be done. I quickly made some bird feet boot covers. And I’m so glad I did, they turned out to be my favorite part!





See those owl feet? Hahaha!

materials used:

craft felt
polar fleece
fusible webbing
belt buckles
foam panels

jack o lanterns!

What’s even better than being Santa and his elf for Halloween? Being two great big adorable Jack o Lanterns for Halloween! Appropriate costume theme is appropriate. LOL

I can’t remember if it was big brother or little brother that first came up with the idea. But they both went for it and I set to work. Though I had a slight moment where I was disappointed in the perceived lack of creativity in their choice. (I told a friend, “It doesn’t stretch my skills!”) Boy was I able to eat those words.

You think jack o lanterns are so basic and easy, but nooooo, they certainly were not. Not only did I stretch my own construction skills, I gave my poor sewing machine quite a workout. I was really WRESTLING with my little machine versus these big costumes. But in the end, me and my machine prevailed!

I took foam panels like this and cut out elongated, pointed end oval shapes to represent the segmented look of pumpkin rind. I made sure each pointed end met in the middle to form a sphere shape. Then I cut off the pointed ends and sandwiched the foams slices in between two sheets of orange felt. Then I sewed each segment together. As I kept adding panels, that’s when the sewing machine wresting began! Phew, it was pretty exhausting.









I also whipped up these tees for me and Mike. Dork alert!


materials used:

craft felt
poly foam panels
spray adhesive


Yes indeed!

My creative 7 year old picked his costume theme this year, Santa Claus. Could you just die? I thought it was brilliant and I couldn’t wait to get started. My biggest challenge was how I was going to give my rather tall and slender child the jolly girth of old Saint Nick, but still make it a relatively unobtrusive outfit to walk around in.

My solution was to take two white adult sized man undershirts and fashion a bowl full of jelly shirt that he wore like a regular tee. I simply took a panel from the second shirt, make a large stomach pocket on the intact tee shirt and filled it with fiberfill stuffing. It worked great! He walked around comfortably, though maybe with the slight gait of a pregnant woman. It was rather cute and hilarious.

To address the big man’s beard, I went to our storage room and found that I luckily saved the beards from the kids’ garden gnome costumes. I love reusing things!


To round out the theme, my poppet agreed to being a Christmas elf. Which is perfect with his little elfin features!


Tickling that bowl full of jelly, heehee!



When we went out trick-or-treating, people kept shouting, “Hey Santa!” “It’s Santa and his elf!”
It was awesome! Definitely a crowd-pleaser.



materials used:

craft felt
tee shirts
belt buckle
fiberfill stuffing
jingle bells
puff paint (for bottom of felt elf shoes)
fake fur trim
yarn for pom-pom
polar fleece

candy is cute!

A quick history of the m&m costume of our household. Is it funny that I have an m&m costume history? Yes, yes it is.

When a junior in high school, my friends and I put our heads together to try and come up with clever group costume ideas. A bunch of brightly colored m&ms and their bag leader was the best we could come up with. There were five or six of us in all and I proclaimed the bag to be mine! So over the next few weeks I set about making my brown cloak of yummy goodness and the others concentrated on their brightly colored orbs. I remember sitting in my BFF Julie’s rec room watching her pinning her felt pieces. I knew at that moment, “This isn’t going to end well.”

The night of the school’s masquerade we convened at Julie’s house. Everyone ceremoniously pulled out their costumes. Everyone’s interpretation of something simple as an m&m will be hilariously forever branded in my mind.

The m&ms, they were DIFFERENT sizes oddly enough. But not in the peanut, plain realm either. We knew, as a group, we were in trouble. Being intelligent 16 year old girls, we knew we needed to fix this shit right quick.
We looked like rejects!
That’s it!
We had to quality control our asses!
We had about an hour to make the transition from acceptable for human consumption m&ms to 86 those mis-shapened tragedies!

We set to work attaching brown strips of felt to create cracks in the m&m’s colored facades. We wrangled up 2 complete pairs of crutches. We ace-bandaged the girls ankles and knees. We put slings on arms. We made a large banner exclaiming, “REJECTED!” across the bag itself. (ME!) And we got a hold of a yardstick and attached a sign that read:

“Rejected m&ms, we melt in your hands, not in your mouth!”

We felt buoyed and magical walking into the dance that night. We had taken lemons and made lemonade in our eyes.

I still feel a sense of pride.

The only pic I could find of that special night:


That’s Julie in yellow on the far left there, half cut off. She is still my BFF!
And yes our hair is INSANE, but c’mon it was New Jersey, circa 1990.

About two years after that night, Julie had a costume contest at work. (She worked at Steinbach, a now defunct department store) She asked to borrow my m&m bag (sans banner) for the night. And she won! It felt pretty cool to know she won because of a costume that I made!

Fast forward a few more years, when I worked customer service at BOC, I decided to break out the ol’ m&m bag for ol’ time sake. This time I painted some wee m&ms about the face!


And now the present. You know what they say, Like Mother Like Son? Or something.


I’d like to point out the vast difference in quality here! My high school costume really DOES look like a reject compared to the one I made this October. I DO improve with age!

My very favorite part of his costume is the open part with the colorful m&ms coming out the bottom!

It’s two sided! I added that brown m&m onto his hat at the last minute. I woke up just before school and I just knew it needed it.


So with that, I needed something for my little Poppet. This one has no sentimental history tied to it, I was basically searching around online for inspiration and I came across a baby dressed up as a Tootsie Roll and I just about died from the cuteness. I simply felt like my son would make the cutest Tootsie.

And I was right!


Everyone claims Tootsie Rolls as one of their least favorite Halloween candies. I feel like I may have done a little to try and change that notion!

My sweet lovies:


Adieu, adieu 2010 Halloween!

I’m already thinking about next year!

materials used:

craft felt
fusible webbing
fiberfill pillow stuffing

king & knight

This years Halloween costumes for my two royal boys!

So here was my inspiration:


These characters live at our house, in their wee play castle.

Watch how they come to life…

Here are my “sketches”. I don’t sketch, even though I have to. Haha, I mean, I need to, to work out my vision, but my drawing skills are quite terrible.




Translated into garments for my wee lads. Everything save for their boots, hosiery, and undershirts were handmade by moi.

His royal highness:


And his noble knight:





I also made these sweet halloween loot bags for the boys to use while treat-or-treating. Cuter than a pillowcase!


materials used:

felt (wool blend and craft)
metal clasps
fusible webbing (for appliques)
cotton twill (for the king’s knickers)
cardboard (for the knight’s shield)
plastic jewels

roaming garden gnomes

Even though Halloween isn’t exactly my favorite festive day, this year, somehow I kinda got into it a bit.
We even went trick-or-treating, which was a first for my boys.
I figured I would make their costumes.
I didn’t want anything too cumbersome, as they are both quite fidgety fellows.
And I wanted to make sure they would be warm enough without a coat if it was chilly.
I can recall being seriously bummed out when my mom would make me wear a coat to go trick-or-treating, “Like, MOOOOMM! It’s covering my whole costume!!”

So, this little guy was my inspiration:


And here are my little gnomes, my 1 year old and my 4 year old:





I was shocked and pleasantly surprised that they kept their hats and beards the whole time! With no complaint!

I made the tunics from a very soft polar fleece.
All other items were made from a wool blend felt, even the belts!
The beards attached to the caps with buttons on either side, it made them stay on really well and were easy to get off at the end of the night too.

Not including my 4 year old’s new boots (he needed new winter boots anyways), I spent about 40 bucks total on both costumes, and that does include the white turtlenecks. Not too bad!