Washington-Lee Holiday Bazaar

After having such a successful event at TC Williams a few weeks ago, I’ve really had my work cut out for me producing more items for my inventory. Especially with the Washington-Lee Bazaar happening in mere days! I’m making lots of fresh new goodies for my booth with super cool and adorable fabrics. I’m excited and exhausted!



pics from TC Williams event

Almost to the last minute I was unsure if I was going to do this show. I had applied and paid for it months ago and it was on my schedule for as long. But as the date was nearing, I was dealing with Halloween costumes, a last minute trip to Florida, and a horrible bout of family sickness (norovirus AND strep!). I didn’t have nearly enough time to produce an appreciable amount of inventory and I was feeling leery that I’d have adequate stock to present in my booth. I had sold A LOT at Art on the Avenue in early October and was worrying about how I could handle the TC Williams event and be well prepared for the Washington-Lee Bazaar coming up in early December. At the beginning of the week, I pretty much resigned myself to losing my paid up booth fee and just focus on the W-L event.
But on Friday afternoon, I had a wave of energy that served me well. I was able to prepare some new signage, price the box of new items I had produced, and mentally get myself ready. I went to bed early and woke up feeling optimistic.

And I did well! GREAT even!

The traffic was pretty steady, the space was nice, the organization was good. And my sales were really good. Better than I had hoped and better than the sort of arbitrary silent goal I had set for myself. By days end I had surpassed that goal by over a hundred dollars.

Here are some pics I took of my booth right before the customers started flowing in.

IMG_0582 copy

IMG_0583 copy

IMG_0584 copy

IMG_0585 copy

IMG_0586 copy

IMG_0587 copy

IMG_0595 copy

IMG_0597 copy