easy-peasy party favor tutorial

So my oldest son is turning 10. Which, allow me a moment to let that sink in properly. Eek.
Since it’s such a big milestone to hit the double digits, we decided this was the year that we’d hold a party for friends. In the past we always kept our celebrations simple, with just the family. Since my bubs ADORES swimming, we decided to have his party at the local high school’s pool. All of the high schools in our county have pools and have the ability to be rented out for parties. Which is awesome. There is a party room right next to the pool, where we can set up decorations and enjoy pizza and cake.

When considering the party of a ten year old, I was thinking about party favors. Personally I felt like ten is too old for the typical loot bag of small plastic goodies and truth be told, I didn’t want to spend money on, nor hoist such a thing on other families. I’ve thrown away far too many stickers, trinkets, and mini erasers over the years. I know kids get excited about them and rightfully so, but as a parent, it tends to wind up to be clutter. I’m appreciative of all the neat things given to the boys over the years however and wanted to find a little something that would be a token of our gratitude. I was talking to my friend about all this, she too is a mom, and she was recalling all of the favors that she gave out over the years. The one that hit the ticket for me was for her sons twelfth birthday, a candy bar with a personalized wrapper. Fantastic! I knew it was something that I could accomplish easily on my own and who doesn’t love a chocolate bar?

I picked up my bars o’chocolate from Trader Joes and got a small scrapbooking paper pad from Target. I set to work.

I needed only a few things:


Since I don’t scrapbook, I don’t have a papercutter. But my rotary cutter and ruler works just as well! I measured the bars, leaving a bit on the ends. Here my paper wrappers all cut to size:


Double-sided tape works GREAT for this project. Just add one strip to the back of the bar:


Next take a piece of the paper and place it on the tape:


Wrap the paper all the way around and place one more strip of tape on the to back, placing the edge overlapping on the seam:


Look how nice all of the different papers look!


Next I printed up some THANKS! labels on my printer. I simply used an image I found online and added the additional line. I cut them out using my rotary tool again and taped the final piece onto the bar.


And here they all are ready to go!


I think they look so cute and I’m super happy!

It took just about an hour to do everything from start to finished. I had 18 favors and spent just under $17 dollars total.