About Me

Hi, I’m Donna, the woman behind Little Red Birdie. I started this blog back in 2005 when I began to get serious about my crafting. I’ve been making things since I was a teenager and once I became a stay-at-home mom in 2004, my creating really took off. I wanted a place to keep track of everything I made (or tried to make) so I had my very awesome husband, Mike, create this blog (and my corresponding homepage) as a catalog of completed projects, tutorials, and random goodies.

Right now, Mike is working to restore my old posts!

Jewelry design and beading were my first interest but soon I found my way to fiber arts. I fell in love with sewing and started making things for myself, for my family, and for gifts. Once I decided to take it to the next level in 2006, my business was born. Initially I was Craftysassi.com, after my affinity for craftiness and sassiness. (Plus I had a well-established online presence as Sassi214, still do actually!) I sold under that name for about a year and in 2007, I desired something a little less prosaic. I became Little Red Birdie for my love of birds and the color red. Since then all of my items are branded accordingly with Little Red Birdie.

I continue to be a stay-at-home mom, now to two boys. The four of us live right outside of DC, in Arlington, VA. Our oldest son was diagnosed with autism at around two years old. It can be challenging at times, but so far I think we are handling it all okay. Some days better than others! We’ve been blessed to live in a city that has programs and supportive environments to assist us in his growth and developmental. We’re not without our struggles, but our son is thriving and making strides that I once only dreamed about. Both of our children are lovely individuals and bring tons of laughter and light into my life. I tend to keep their faces off my blog, as I would like to honor their privacy.

Before this gets even more TL/DR, to sum up:

  • I’m a mama.
  • I’m a wife.
  • I craft.
  • I cook.
  • I sew.
  • I sell.
  • I read.
  • I walk.
  • I love cookies, coffee, the ocean, and Jesus Christ. ♥