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  • better than take-out

    Truly! I came across this recipe by way of Buzzfeed of all places. You know how they have all of those list posts? I love a good list post, especially when it focuses on food. This is the post right here. Funny enough, it’s title is Easy Weeknight Dinners Your Kids Will Like. My kids […]

  • chicken sausage tortellini

    I came across this one-skillet dinner one day about a month ago. Don’t even ask me how/where/why. It came upon my screen and I thought, yes please! (I mean, I’m sure it was on Pinterest somewhere, but I can’t even find the original pin. Oh wells!) The original post was from last October, so seriously, […]

  • asparagus salad

    A couple of weeks ago I had a bunch of asparagus in my fridge that was dancing around the past its prime date. I wasn’t making anything that required a nice roasted asparagus as a side dish, which is my usual method for cooking the stalks. (Cut the bottoms off, lay them in a line […]

  • white peach cobbler

    Peaches are in season! Wonderful juicy sweet peaches. There is nothing like a beautiful ripe peach. It’s like candy. But only if they’re good. Peaches are fickle. Much like bananas and pears. Or maybe I’m the fickle one. I need my peaches to be ripe, but not too ripe. Soft, but not squishy. Textured, but […]